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Fire Code & Inspections

Fire Code

Based on the authority given to Orange County Emergency Services District #1, by the State of Texas, Texas Health and Safety Code, Title 9, Safety, Subtitle B. Emergencies, Chapter 775, Emergency Services Districts, a Fire Code has been approved by the Commissioner of Orange County Emergency Services District #1 and put into place.

The fire code being utilized by Orange County Emergency Services District #1 is the 2015 International Fire Code with various amendments.

Fire Code Appeal Form

Outdoor Burning in Texas

Fire Code With Amendments

Requesting a Fire Code Appeal

False Alarm Order

False Alarms

Plan Review

To submit plans for the review and inspection process, please note the following:

  • Subdivision, site, and building plans (including remodels) should be submitted along with all associated fees to Orange County Emergency Services District #1 (located at 2351 Hwy 12, in Vidor). Alarm and sprinkler plans should also be submitted for review if applicable.
  • If you are submitting plans for review within the city limits of Vidor, you must submit your plans to the City of Vidor,
  • Orange County Emergency Services District #1 does not accept CASH for any services rendered.
  • Please make CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS payable to Orange County Emergency Services District #1.

Application for Plan Review

Fire Alarm Process Flowchart

Fire Sprinkler Overhead Process Flowchart

Private Underground Sprinkler Process Flowchart

Civil and Building Review Flowchart

Fire Inspection

Orange County Emergency Services District #1 will conduct inspections throughout the construction phase. Most inspection fees are covered in the review process; however, there are some associated fees that will need to be paid prior to inspection. A complete breakdown of our fee schedule is illustrated in the Application for Plan Review and Request for Inspection documents.

Outdoor Festival Safety Guidelines

Knox-Box Guidelines

General Design Guidelines

Request for Inspection

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